Dylan's Second Website

This was my second website and it was also a cracker!

I took a more conservative approach after my first website didn't work on mobile and didn't play nicely with Google. It turns out Wordpress is not just for building lame small/medium business websites but is great for blogs! Who knew.

I took a YouTube style approach to the design and it looked alright. The homepage is easy to navigate. The view count linked to analytics with comments made article popularity easy to read. The articles are categorised for simple navigation. Related articles are shown when you open one up. You just keep reading. Thanks Google!

If only the content of the articles were any good. I only got two comments on my review of TConf. It was my first time blogging and after watching Writing with Flair: How to become an exceptional writer" by Shani Raja. I've become slightly less shit.

The cool thing about Wordpress is that you can host a multi-site. I could host this one and my first on for record keeping. It's almost as cool as the random quotes I had at the top of the homepage.

Unfortunately, my web-hosting provider, Netregistry, was a piece of shit. They changed my website IP without telling me and blamed me for it. When I asked them what the new IP was, they gave me the wrong one. I found it myself and fixed it. My sisters site also broke and I was blamed for 'recommending' them over 7 years ago before they were bought by Melbourne IT πŸ™„

So I packed my bags and live free on GitHub 😍

Built-on: Wordpress, Custom 'Dylan George Field YouTube Copy' template
Features: Nothing but cats
Website: No longer available 😟

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