Betty May Vintage Hire

The second freelance job I did for $500 for family before completing university was this site for my sister's small business start-up.

I did this at a low cost out of love. It's a basic Wordpress blog with a custom template designed by myself and fully responsive by hand. Impressive for a time before bootstrapped grids and flexboxes.

The parent/child hierarchy of pages was perfect to list the layers of categories of rental items they supply. The blog feature also came in handy too.

While a better solution can be made with Shopify or other store plugins like WooCommerce. This worked out nicely as a pop-up solution before the business found its feet.

Its been up for over 7 years and is key to their business.

Pretty good for a grad with little experience.

Built-on: Wordpress
Features: Custom Theme, Inventory List, Blog, Backup, SEO

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