Potty Mouth

Potty Mouth is a digital graffiti wall. It's inspired by those words of wisdom you see on the back of a toilet door in a dirty club or bar 🚽

Tama Waddell shared the concept with me while drinking a bottle of ginger goon on a park bench in St. Kilda. It was early Sunday morning as the sun rose after a big night out. We bounced ideas and created Potty Mouth (formally TryScanMe).

You scan the sticker and get access to a chat wall for 1-minute. You get locked out after that and will need to scan it again to read or post new messages. This creates what we call 'pot culture'.

Pot Culture is what happens when people are strangers but share the exact same physical location. The environment becomes the subject and people post about it. What they smell, hear, feel and even fear!

I love Potty Mouth. It's the most unique thing I've ever made and I hope, thanks to the wonders of azure function consumption plans and scaling, will last forever.

Try it yourself and print or order your own at www.pottymouth.io.


  • Front end: Quasar, VueJS
  • Back end: Azure Functions

Features: Chat, Image upload, QR Code, Fancy redirects
Website: www.pottymouth.io

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